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So what do men carry?

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I'm finishing up a new article for the Wiki and need your input...

In a past topic we listed all the items that we thought women should carry in their purse or bag and that is now in the Wiki and can be found here.  So what do men need to carry on a daily basis, especially when they are out and about at work etc...


a quick google turned up this list

Wallet in back pocket, cell phone in right jacket pocket, PDA in left jacket pocket, cigarettes in left pants pocket, keys in right pants pocket, lighter in left pants pocket.


I use to carry an oversized wallet in my right back pocket a hanky in my left back pocket and keys and pocket knife in my right pocket and change in my left pocket and any notes that I needed. I kept notes and in my shirt pocket too. When I was off and on my property I carried 38 pistol on my right hip and 6 inch knife on my other hip. I drove around town like that too.
Now, I'm not going to tell you what I carry in my purse as I'm anti gun now.

Keep in mind I’m somewhat paranoid…

* Keys, with 2’ chain clipped to belt loop. Placed in front right pocket. (has a small folding can opener also)
* Wallet, this particular one came from Disney Land, is leather and has pretty horses on the front; Chained which also clips to belt loop. Placed in front left pocket. (Contains pen, paper, razor blade and a length of string.)
* I don’t like to leave the house without two different utility knives, lately I’ve been favoring the folding pliers style. One in each pocket, smaller in the right pocket.
* Normal ol very sharp, serrated, lock blade knife. Clipped in front left pocket. -- the blades on the utility knives tend to be lack luster.
* I also have a pocket watch which clips to a belt loop as opposed to a wrist watch.
… Yea, my purse is going to weigh a ton. (=

Survival notes:
Wallets go in front pockets; Someone isn’t going to get at it without you knowing that way… By the by sitting on a wallet can be a major pain in the back…
Always presume that someone out there is after your possessions.

But well, I’ve grown up a country kid just shy of the farm…


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