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Hi #1 hobby is model railroading...yes, even I am a girl, I love playing with trains. My dad custom painted a locomotive in Pink and Purple, and I run it around the layout. Anyone else like trains?

Lady Smith:
I come from a railway family so I've had a love affair with things to do with railways and model making for most of my life.  When I was younger I was into very precise fine scale railway modelling, but as I got older, - and my eyesight became less sharp, - I took to working in larger scales and eased back on being such a finescale fanatic.  It's been a little while since I last worked on any of my railway models, but the last things I was working on were 'G' scale sized models inspired by the early 20th Century timber industry tramways here in New Zealand.

I have terrible secret though because I love clockwork toy trainsets and still have some nice English bits and pieces from the 1950s.  When I first became ill some years ago I had to sell a lot of my collection due it taking a long time for me to be accepted onto the Invalid's Benefit and having no income, but I managed to keep back a few things to remind me of childhood Christmas mornings :D

I absolutely love model trains!!! gender could never change that for me.

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N scale: Boston and Maine, depressed New England mill town ca. 1970.  Industrial waste polluting the river... homeless people under the highway bridge... lots of graffiti... dead cars...

The early 70s were the absolute lowest point for the B&M for revenue and maintenance --  so it's totally realistic when the trains derail.

Kimberley Beauregard:
Another enthusiast here!

I model in OO and at some point in the future, I'd love to model Leicester station. I remember taking the train to my gran's as I grew up and frequently changing at Leicester for Birmingham and observed how things changed throughout the years as privatisation happened and new rolling stock came in. I want to model Leicester throughout those years and also go as far back as the mid-eighties. I've also taken an interest in West Coast Main Line stuff with the push-pull loco-hauled electric sets.

My favourite train has to be the InterCity 125 though.


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