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Health care selection
« on: October 01, 2007, 06:07:17 am »
I just read an article on UK Yahoo news about the selection of patients for treatment within the NHS in the UK concerning obesity and smoking.

At present I am overweight but working hard to reduce it and also I am struggling to give up an intermittent but lifelong smoking habit prior to starting my transition,
but it worries me that eligibility is based on BMI and bad habits and not on overall fitness.
I have always been very fit fit all my life and have rarely suffered any physical illness and it worries me that I could be excluded from primary health care purely because
my body mass doesn't fit the guidelines, after all no two people are the same.
I realize that the majority of SRS is funded privately but if someone is eligible for treatment here in the UK, where would they stand if after going through HRT and everything else, they suddenly
find they don't fit the present criteria regardless of fitness. The effects could be devastating.

Has anyone here ever been refused treatment because of this, either privately or by local health authorities?