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I don't wanna start no argument, but I'm just looking for some validation like in most of my posts.

Anyone, particularly black people on here, hate themselves based on their race? I still do but I have really mellowed out over the years and I at least no longer hate my black status because of the biological features that usually (and naturally) come with being black (very thick, curly hair, dark skin, big lips, big nose, e.t.c.). I am happy to admit I have learned to love, appreciate and accept those features from others and from myself now even if the world still uses their westernized standards of beauty to make those very same Afro features seem distasteful, which is why I feel so sad that my skin may be loosing its pigmentation (vitiligo?) but I am not sure yet. :'( :'( :'( :'( I have always been black and wish to remain this way. I won't lose my blackness and will fight this thing even if I have to die tryin'. I mean that, yo...

 My reason now why I am not too thrilled about being black is cause of the stupid stereotypes that have plagued African-American culture since time began for us black folk here in America (and I swear I don't wanna get all truthfully political here or I might get banned >.>). These stereotypes cause people who are otherwise polite to other races of people (usually lighter ones), to either stare suspiciously at me, get frisked by the cops for jogging while being black or just avoiding me altogether. I remember as a kid, a cop harassed my bro while at a gas station cause she thought he was stealing cause he was black. Yes, black men/boys indeed have it the worse. I swear, this is enough to make me go back to being female. Even black women get it worse than white men, though. Their numbers surpass the number of the white male population inhabiting all the prisons on a national level.

Anyone on here afraid to be what they are cause of painful stereotypes that have become the truth thru media's incessant conditioning through crummy music videos, movies and the like as if they are fact? Especially other black people here besides me? I know its other black people on here and I know there are not nearly as many as other races of people here, but sometimes I feel like I am the only one on here. Why do we remain so silent on issues as serious as this? Ya'll too much into Nicki Minaj or tryin' to find out who cheated on who from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all them other worthless social (gossip) networking sites that are the cause of the demise of countless marriages and friendships worldwide. Ya'll can hate on me all you want, but its only cause ya'll know its the truth. And people can't stand the truth and cause of that, most people can't stand me either.

But it is what it is and I ain't 'fraid to tell it like it is to ya'lls faces. Ya heard?

Peace out.


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