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Being Christian and Transsexual

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--- Quote from: Asche on December 25, 2015, 11:37:51 am ---I think that article needs a trigger warning for transphobia:

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What is transphobia?

Literally it means fear of trans people.  In practice it describes the attitude displayed by many that includes such verbal or written gems as disrespect, rejection, ridicule and dehumanization of trans people.  Accompanying this is a dogged embrace of a dogma, often but not always religious, that rejects the current medical and scientific findings on causes and treatment of transsexuality and instead assigns the cause to sexual perversion, pedophilia, communism, hatred of America, liberal conspiracies, or demon possession.  These dogmas are particularly resistant to counter argument because they rely only on the vivid imagination of paranoid and fearful minds and have absolutely no foundation in either logic or reality.    These beliefs appear to lower the intellectual immune system of such people and leave them vulnerable to a wide variety of other absurd conspiracy theories.

That is my wiki entry for today.

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My testimony is that I had lost my relationship with God while I wasn't being honest about who I am, and I regained it when I came out.  Now I am one of the most active women in my church and co-treasurer.  The congregation know my history, although I think some have forgotten.  There are churches like this, and the Christian Transgender Facebook group is active and knows where they are.

I personally am an atheist and find the vast majority of religious rhetoric disgusting and borderline insane, however I find this very interesting as my mother who is Southern Baptist and my biggest supporter is conflicted over certain issues at times due to her faith. May have to let her read this thread.

 I converted to Catholicism when I was 23 and miss believing in something. The hate is what pushed me out of the church, and a few years later it was easier for me to see through it.  I would love to be accepted into the church again, just for the peace I had when I went. I don't know if I will ever actually believe it again. At least not in the way they want me to believe. Hopefully, this will not offend anyone. THe way that I wrote was not meant to disparage any religions validity. All just my personal opinions.

All religions are obsessed by sex, and most religions are male oriented. Written or not that is a fact.

I, personally, don't think there is any "God" up there in the sky - BTW, even if we suppose the existence of a God, well this Being would be the most intelligent and loving Being ever.

Therefore, how could this Immense Being so stupid to mind if some of His\Her* creature feels more happy changing his\her own gender?

It's said that "God is Love", and Ultimate Intelligence, Comprehension and Compassion... how could such a (supposed) Being condemn someone who is trying to live a better, happier and healty life?

Only <deleted> humans beings do that - surely no God (existant or supposed) would ever condemn transition.

Just my two cents about.

:) Aly

* God itself it's supposed to be beyond gender, or he\she would not be a Whole.

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