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Wanted to start a gym membership but?


I would like to start a gym membership. But I'm afraid that I might be treated differently from other customers due to obvious circumstance? Are there certain gyms known for being more open to having trans customers and are there things I should know before the experience?

Planet Fitness does have a non-judgement policy and their company wide policy is for you to use the locker room of the gender you identify with. Some states (like NJ) have a non-discrimination law that allows you to use the restroom or locker room of the gender you identify with. I'm a member of 24 Hour Fitness and had zero issues when I joined a few months ago. They don't have any policy whatsoever, but I'm in NJ, so it doesn't matter. Also all my documentation has been changed and I pass extremely well so they don't even know I'm trans. I've had zero issues with the ladies locker room, but I'm only comfortable enough to change down to my panties. (With a simple tuck, you can't tell I'm pre-op.)

I was a member of anytime fitness and had no issues but there were a number of small unisex restrooms.  Now, I'm a member of LA Fitness  (they have a pool and I like to swim).  No problem in the woman's locker room.


I have a membership at Planet Fitness and I've had it through every stage of my transition. I did take a 4 month break and cancel my membership around the time I had top surgery. I wanted to update all of my documents and start fresh with a new membership instead of updating the old one.

I have never had any issues using the locker rooms, people staring, being treated differently. I've never had to speak to the staff beyond checking in at the front desk. I've never interacted with anyone aside from my roommate who also has a membership there.

The gym is a pretty solitary activity unless you're in workout classes. Your best bet is to find a national chain that you like and sign up. They're more likely to not care that you're trans, or have policies in place to protect you.

Agree wholeheartedly with Planet Fitness.

    They even made national news a while back for kicking out a female member that was making anti-trans comments. Their only downside is that if the exercise you want to do requires a spotter, their staff is prohibited from doing it, for liability reasons. Once I started HRT I no longer had a need for free weights and can do aerobic and calisthenics exercises at home, so the cost, while minimal at $20 a month still didn't beat free.

    One thing to keep in mind. Any workout is easier and more fun to do with a friend. You also have a ready spotter for heavier exercises, and a personal motivation assistant. You might have to pony up the membership fees for them if they're broke and your gym has no guest allotments, but usually worth it for the results.


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