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Have Charing Cross lost my blood results ?


Looking for some advice on CHX-related matters...

I went in for an appointment last year, and they told me to have blood tests at the Charring Cross Hospital, which I took the same day. This was about three/four months back now.

I haven't heard anything at all from the blood department- no letters, no phone calls, no e-mails, nothing.

Am I to assume "no news = good news" or would I have at least gotten a letter saying "there's nothing wrong with your blood" ?

CHX have lost my details two/three times now, so I'm really worried that my blood results might have gotten "lost". Sorry if I'm being a little paranoid... but they lost my referral twice, and now having not heard anything at all, I feel really really anxious that CX have lost

I'm going to ask my GP if she's heard anything from them, but generally whenever my GP recieves blood test information they phone me (I've had a lot of blood tests in the past - due to thyroid problems ).

Does anyone know the phone number for the blood department of Charing Cross ?

Or who I can contact from the GIC to ask if they've recieved my blood test results ?

I was in a similar situation.

I had my blood test, and four months passed- no contact from the clinic whatsoever. Then I had a letter from my local GP surgery, asking me to book an appointment with a doctor to discuss test results. It was only a minor issue of a vitamin D deficiency, but I was still surprised that it had taken them so long to get back to me.

Usually you wont be contacted about your results unless there are any problems.

If I were you, I would not worry. No news is good news as far as blood tests at the clinic are concerned.

Hope this helps :)


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