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RLE Combined with a Weird Question

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Hello Peoples,

First of first I don't kniw if this is the correct post location, so apologies.
Also why is the international english subforum dubbed (UK)? Kind of contradicting no?

Either way I've started to worry that the UK has RLE requirements that I wouldn't really cover. So is there an actual RLE requirement still?
I'm looking at Gendercare but I'm in the East Midlands and might pursue NHS pathway if anything.
Not really in much of a hurry but well you know just kind of enthusiastic. :)

Next up I've been having a weird decision/thing going on. Since all my flatmates are away I've been liberally reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in my early-alpha femenine voice and have been finding it difficult to switch back.

Not really trying to switch back and it needs work but either way I've been considering just talking in this voice day-to-day.
I'm in Uni for programming so there is little worry over having weird sounding presentation voice, if that helps.

Its basically just my normal voice but with a slightly more femenine timbre and barely any pitch change.

Sorry if it seems weird for merging these topics into one post, just kind of felt right.

Hope you've all had a nice new year and whatnot!
Also thanks in advance,
- Alexis

The UK forum is for others from your country to chant with each other. I know there is a RLE requirement for the UK but I am not exactly sure about it so you would be better off checking with the gender program in your country for the details. As for voice issues, there is a voice section that cover speech therapy and surgery. A post in that areas will bring any assistance you might require.

I can't tell you anything about UK RLE requirements, I'm afraid, but I just had to say that your choice of reading material for voice practice is exemplerary. I love the Hitchhiker's Guide :)

I've found that softer and somewhat of an octave higher for my voice gets me by pretty good.

Hi Hon,

I made the UK forum for people from the UK.

I believe the NHS follows the SOC7 available from the wiki or download from

RLE is I think still a requirement. RLE without HRT is not.


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