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RLE Combined with a Weird Question

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Hey, I'm also from the UK :). RLE isn't necessary for HRT but the NHS will most likely treat you more favourably if you were already living as a woman. You have to have two years of RLE to change your birth certificate and get any sort of surgeries.

Stephaniec, Yeah thats give or take what i've been trying, kind of difficult to keep it going. But its still fun :)

So wait, Cindy are you saying that for HRT that RLE isn't necessary?

Ellis, that's somewhat similar to what I've heard/read. I'm doing some part time bit by bit but certainly nothing that would be considered as RLE or anything.

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RLE is not necessary to get onto HRT but as Elis mentioned the NHS will probably be quicker to get you onto HRT if you are already living as a woman.

2 years RLE is necessary to be considered for SRS though.

Em x

The guidelines are more flexible than they used to be. You are no longer required to have to be living full time in order to get hormones.

I think that as far as most clinics go here in the UK with RLE, there are certain milestones that they prefer you to accomplish such as name changes, and being employed and presenting as your preferred gender.

Living full time is preferred but not required because everyone's situation is different.

Regardless of whether you've changed your name, or if you're living as your preferred gender, most clinics will help you just the same. Its about what you are comfortable with.

Hope this helps :)


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