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sony launches new music label


I came across an article today that talks about a new music label - "Music with a Twist" - that is a joint venture with Matt Farber who co-founded the new LOGO television station.

I liked this paragraph, "The label also plans to release various compiliations geared toward gay and bisexual audiences, featuring hit songs by established artists that have been embraced by gay, bisexual and transgender audiences..."

The thinking is that they will release songs that have mass appeal and will help talent in "those" communities cross over beyond their core audiences.

Anything that has the potential to open the closet door a little wider is good for changing attitudes and some day leading to greater acceptance, I would like to think.


That would be great. I would buy music from them.

Here is the article that mentions the announcement
and another announcement

Here is the parent company developing it Wilderness Media & Entertainment

They already have Logo channel which has movies and even music on, can browse the music section which is probably an indicator of what types of music they will pursue. It seems sort of club/hip hop.

Here is the magazine they also put out Instinct Magazine

Certainly its mainly a Gay and Lesbian label (if I were to judge from the magazine and the Logo channel), though I saw a few tg movies/television shows in Logo. It looks like they have good resources and the know how to do this. Chances are it will go ok. Just will have to wait and see what TGs get signed. If I were into music, I would be trying to get on the label. LoL I dont do music though.


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