Author Topic: Trans-Androgyne Help  (Read 1089 times)

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Trans-Androgyne Help
« on: January 20, 2016, 02:59:25 am »
I am a FTN individual who has never thought of themselves as man or woman and has always felt uncomfortable with the way I present myself to people. I love some kinds of feminine clothes (corsets, lingerie, pin up) and I've been on several cross-dressing websites but they all try and shove breast forms and pictures of cis women down my throat. I hardily ever see drag queens or cross dressing men modeling the products. I would love to wear these outfits sometimes but I'd like to see them on a flat chested person why else would I still be wanting to get my breast removed even though they are only 32a. I'm kind of worried I'll have to get breast forms to make them look good and I don't even like the illusion that I might have breast.

I know there is no such thing as a perfect transition but I want to be my version of how I feel a neutral person should be and that means no chest, androgynous voice, feminine physic and both genitalia.I'm freaking out a little on what clothes to choose for myself be they feminine or masculine and how to convey these things to my counselor in a way that they don't think I'm just some creep with a fetish or I'm not taking things seriously. Any tips for an Androgyne who has no clue what they're doing? XD

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Re: Trans-Androgyne Help
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2016, 01:54:06 pm »
I'm FTM so not sure how much help I can provide but I suggest looking up others who had gone through an androgynous transition, the one I can think off top of my head is someone's tumblr called "neutrois nonsense". You could look into taking low-dose testosterone but I would warn that the changes might be too much on the masculinizing. You can also pursue top surgery which you don't need hormones for but you would if you wanted bottom surgery (and some people have opted not to have a vaginectomy so they still have both) you would have to be at least a year on T. There counselors out there who would be willing to work with you, a non-binary individual. As for dress, dress however you feel comfortable.