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If you believe there is a God in some form , why

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I have an unbreakable belief in God. I've had a lot of turmoil in my life and a lot of abuse from others and from myself. I was a very sad and confused child and teenager . I was very unhappy because of bullying and my own inability to fit in socially. When I was 19 I got myself into a lot of trouble with drugs and the law then through a different set of circumstances I had a revelation that brought me into a vision of God. That vision has kept me alive through all sorts of despair in my life. I'm not bragging , but I've had a tough life. I'm only here today because of my love of God. God has been there for me in all my despair and at times I thought God had abandoned me when I was in horrendous pain , but God always showed up again.

I believe because he spoke to me once. 

***I told my psychologist that too when he asked if I heard voices.  LOL.   He determined that I'm not insane.  :-)

I realize I may have simply imagined it.  But it sure didn't seem that way at the time.

Beyond believing He is, I no longer subscribe to him belonging to a specific religion.  Why is a long story.  So if someone needs a name for what I believe then gnostic deism is probably close enough.

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well, to be honest I heard God's voice too when I was a child. I was probably around 6 and I had a dream where I heard a load voice speak  to me telling me my father would be all right. As a child I was always worried that something might happen to my parents. My mother died when I was 9 years old , but my father lived to 81. I always took comfort in that dream I had and probably had something to do with my search for God when I was 19. I also mentioned that to my therapist.

I'm an Agnostic Eclectic Polytheist which I typically shorten to Agnostic Theist or Pagan because the former is just a mouth full.

With that being said I believe in many Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, etc. not for one said reason but because over the years my Soul or inner light, reasoning, research and feelings have lead me to such. 

Colleen M:

--- Quote from: Deborah on January 21, 2016, 09:30:56 am ---I believe because he spoke to me once. 

***I told my psychologist that too when he asked if I heard voices.  LOL.   He determined that I'm not insane.  :-)

--- End quote ---

Strictly speaking, mere psychologists (in the U.S. at least) aren't allowed to determine whether or not you're sane.  That requires the trained and educated status of a judge, since they know so much more about the human mind.   ???

I do know that mental health professionals make their assessments on connection to reality with a filter of, "Is this a normal belief for the region?"  For example, if you live in New Orleans and tell your psychologist you see ghosts all the time, that's not a big red flag.  Or if you are from Iceland and tell your psychologist you interact with elves, that's not a big red flag either.  It is my understanding that no mental health professional in the country will call you nuts for hearing reasonably benevolent divine instructions.  Now, if Jesus tells you to murder the cat, we have a problem.         


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