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Meditations/Rituals for dealing with dysphoria

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Hi. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with dysphoria from a pagan perspective? Maybe a visualization or a candle burning ritual? Right now the only thing that works is laying down and listening to music. 

The only thing that helps for a short time is distraction. Any ritual that requires intense concentration should help as long as you are preforming it.

I am currently working on a year long chairs balancing ritual which is coinciding with my transition

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There are a few things you can do ... it depends on what you feel helps you ...

you can look in the mirror and have a look at the eyes ... it should be those of a girl.
You can use that as reassurance.
Usually it starts from the head going downwards ... eyes, hair growing out ... remember you will reach your goals in time, others have succeded to.

You could imagine yourself as a girl and keep that image, feeling like it. Don't do it too much, just as a reminder.
It can help to feel feminine inside. This can help with gait and mannerism, showing naturally.
As said have patience, you will reach your goals in time.

You can do a few things that help getting in touch with your feminine side... nurturing and creative activities ...
like cooking ... trying out recipes and mixing a few to own recipes ... gardening ... sewing ... being creative ...


I do the Middle Pillar Ritual astrally and visualize myself in the proper body. It's good for general grounding and reaffirmation.


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