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Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Leo rising, born in year of the Horse (1990).

I find that some of the typical Scorpio traits don't really suit me. I don't get jealous because I'm very trusting of others (sometimes too trusting for my own good). I can be very naive at times and have a hard time detecting someone's intentions (very unlike the stereotype of scorpios having detective skills). I don't believe I'm particularly manipulative because I'm very awkward and not very charismatic. I dealt with a very manipulative ex too so I don't wanna put someone else through that. Of the scorpio traits that do suit me are I can be very intense (I don't get emotional all the time but I will bottle things up until I explode... with tears most of those times), I can be loyal, passionate, obsessive (when it comes to TV shows, anime or other works of fiction).

My sister told me she thinks I have more Aquarian traits than anything else.

Virgo sun, Virgo rising, Scorp moon...pretty much has me nailed :o  Def need to up my studies into such matters, fascinating stuff!

Sadly, mines never even been close to my personality. 

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: in Sagittarius

If this helps me win the lottery I'm ALL in ladies!



I was born cancer, 18 degrees left to Leo.

I am a fire snake in eastern calendar.



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