Author Topic: Where is our Wandering Waif?  (Read 100 times)

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Where is our Wandering Waif?
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:43:36 am »
Where o’ where is our Wandering Waif?
She is a traveler and is at home where she hangs her sun hat.
She is a bond between many from coast to coast.
She has an infectious smile that beckons a return.
But where o’ where is she?

Has she locked herself out of Laurie’s Lorry again?
Is she lost in an endless circle of the concrete jungle?
Is she in her sweethearts arms?

Is she battling winter storms that threaten to slow her next rendezvous?
Or is she sheltering in place warming her toasty toes?
Will the Honey Badgers catch up to her!?!

Where o’ where is our Wandering Waif???

@Laurie @Michelle_P

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Re: Where is our Wandering Waif?
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 08:56:56 am »
At home, wondering why everyone is following her!


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Re: Where is our Wandering Waif?
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2019, 11:54:15 am »

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Re: Where is our Wandering Waif?
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2019, 12:08:40 pm »

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@Michelle_P     @Laurie
Dear Michelle:
All of your followers pretty well figured that the Susan's Place "Wandering Waif" was somewhere nearby to you.
It sure looks cozy and warm by your fireplace. 
Here we had big snowstorm yesterday and it the temps last night were in the teens and today it may just barely be making it to the high teens or perhaps 20 ???....  right now it is 17 deg F.
Most nights when I come home from work, you will find me in front of my fireplace toasting my toes too!!  It is always much more fun with our sweethearts next to us.

Whenever I visit your thread I am so happy to see all of yummy things you are baking...  mmm, mmm, good!
Hugs and best wishes to both YOU and Laurie.