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Considering Private in South UK - Questions about GenderCare and TransHealth

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Hey so anyone who knows me knows that CHX have hecked me around something awful, I was due an appointment in a month to finally be given hormones but low and behold, the GIC cancelled it out of nowhere with no real explanation and just a letter saying "yeah we'll get back to you but expect your appointment in 8+ months!! (: "

So I'm heavily considering TransHealth or GenderCare... I've been labouring over the decision for days. I'm a transman, and have been socially transitioned for coming up to five years, my name has been legally changed for three years now. My blood is good, my mental health is good- I was literally one step away from getting T, so you can imagine my problems.

Here are my questions:

If I could get my recent blood test results from CX in hand on paper, could giving them to TransHealth speed things up if I went through them?

Likewise if I got my old referral saying that my mental health was great, if I could get it in hand would TransHealth allow me hormones on the first/second appointment?

Does GenderCare require a deposit for first appointments, and if so, how much is it?

What are the waiting lists like for GC and TH?

Basically, I was pretty much good-to-go on hormones, it was just the appointment in late March where I was going to be prescribed them most likely- but now it's cancelled and probably going to be another half-year at least... I really wanted to begin hormones before I graduated University (in June), so when I started looking for jobs, I'd get misgendered a lot less and all that jazz.

Any info/advice/etc is very welcome !

Check out my I got a private Hrt prescription from them.

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I went to Transhealth to avoid the long wait for the NHS. I had to wait 2 months for my initial consultation with Dr Curtis and I think a month to see the gender therapist who works there. There were 3 weeks between therapy appointments. I was told by my gender therapist the waiting list is unusually long because of an influx of new patients. I also had to pay £180 for my initial consultation and follow up consultation after the therapy part and therapy was only £75 per appointment.
I don't see why you couldn't give your recent tests to Transhealth to speed things along, but I doubt they'd accept it if the tests were a few months old by the time you got hormones because an individual's health varies.
I'm not sure when the therapist will allow you hormones. That's upto her own personal discretion. They have to make sure you're mentally healthy as a precution. They don't want any trouble if you regret hormones and then decide to sue them for giving you the go ahead.
Btw, I went to TH only last August - October so my experiences should still be current. On the whole the female therapist who works there was very nice and easy to talk too. And Dr Curtis is exactly how I've heard him described. Very straight with you and tells you whats what in terms of the negative effects of hormones and possible regret about medically transitioning.

Hi i use and have had fantastic service

I'm using (I think this is the same as mywebdoctor). Was less than a month between first contact and prescription in hand.


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