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Considering Private in South UK - Questions about GenderCare and TransHealth

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--- Quote from: meganjames2 on July 16, 2016, 04:20:04 pm ---I'm using (I think this is the same as mywebdoctor). Was less than a month between first contact and prescription in hand.

--- End quote ---

Hi Megan,
I emailed Dr W today.
Do you know if I Can I use this service for my 'whole transition' or is it just bridging?
Has it been expensive / worth it so far?
I felt it was a little sketchy at first, but i'm seeing otherwise now!
I can't believe i've never heard of them before.

Hugs x

I'm only using them for a short term trial, but I imagine they will do ongoing private prescriptions for as long as you want. Ultimately the GIC route will get you GRS down the road if you want it, so I'd just use this service as a temporary thing. They charge an initial fee of about £150, a monthly recurring fee of £30 plus the prescription costs. I've been using my GP for the required blood tests, so I've not had to pay for those. NHS will be cheaper without a doubt. Hope this helps.


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