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Bountiful Breast / Transfemme
« on: January 13, 2006, 01:40:40 pm »
Since my unfortunate incident with the product whose name this subject bears I have had numerous communications from those who have had experiences with same.
I was found to be hypersensitive to beef products and could not continue to use it. I have found an appropriate avenue to dispense of teh non-returnable product in going to our friends at ebay. Life is looking up for my financial situation. Thank you.

I have become curious at the non solicited responses from so many here and otherwise.
There are those who swear by the product that it did them wonderfully and in short order. There are those who swear that they saw only a great expense, a little nipple tenderness, and now are no more closer to their goal of "Bountiful Breast"s than when they started.

I know that in the time I was taking the product I felt the tingle to my nipples and they did become extremely sore and my breasts became warm after only a few days. I understand that this is the feeling that often comes with new growth or is it with menopause?

I may never know what my tenderness adn warmth meant was going on but I am curious what you all think it might have meant.

Look forward to hearing from you.