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--- Quote from: Cindy on February 04, 2016, 12:05:56 am ---Dr Patrick Tansley who works in Melbourne and Brisbane

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Had a consult with Dr Tansley and Dr Seneviratne yesterday regarding FFS. Really looked forward to it after seeing Dr Sadeghi a few weeks ago.

The consult yesterday left me feeling a little empty and feeling that I had to justify my transitioning, they were very thorough and seemed pleasant.  I had a referral from my Endo and they had full access to my Drs and new prior that I was a Transgender Women.
I’m not too sure I feel confident in their approach to MTF, especially to how many procedures they had already carried out on Trans ladies regarding facial feminisation. It almost felt that I was their homework but again they were very thorough.

Regards top work they have a very good reputation regarding this but again not sure with the transgender community, you will have to do some research. Consult fee is not cheap but not as expensive as Dr Ingram.

My consult with Dr Sadeghi was the complete opposite, very warm and realistic with what can and can’t be achieved, regarding my expectations. Very thorough, very exact in his costings. Infact I have seen him a second time and he did not charge for the consult! If I want to move forward he explained that he will expect a third and final consultation where he will confirm exactly how he believes the procedures will be carried out and fine details.

I really connected with him. I think this is one of the most important aspects; is this person someone that you trust?

Not too sure if this is who I will go with as I am seeking a third Dr, this will give me a good idea to my final decision regarding FFS.

Non of the above Dr's do bone work. This is something I am not interested in.

This seems like a slow-moving thread! 
However I thought that it might be worth mentioning that I have an appointment with Dr Alan Breidahl in Melbourne in a couple of weeks.  My GP and I were pointed in his direction by staff at De Ives' office and Dr Breidahl's receptionist said that he has a specialty in FFS, including bone work.

I'll post an update once I've seen him.


Hi Kenna,

Really interested in what he say regarding soft tissue... What is his consultation prices?


Hi Michelle,
His price for an initial consultation is $185, which I had to pay to secure the appointment.
The paperwork he's sent me adds that an initial consultation resulting in scheduling surgery is $585 (or $335 for pensioners).  He then goes on to say that a follow-up consultation is $99 or $499 if it results in scheduling surgery (or $249 for pensioners).

He mentions that a Medicare rebate may be possible for the $185 and $99 appointments, which I expect that I will be able claim as, at the very least, I have a medically justified need for an upper blepharoplasty independent of facial feminisation, although it will obviously form a part of the final surgery. I'll need to get a referral from my GP, with whom I have an appointment a couple of days before his.

His website doesn't explicitly mention Facial Feminisation but does mention a number of cosmetic soft and hard tissue procedures that are components of it.  He includes a pretty detailed CV on his website including participating in surgical missions to South East Asia "performing life-changing cranio-facial surgeries".  Am I allowed to post the link to his site?


PS  It was good to finally meet Allie yesterday!

I had my appointment with Mr Alan Breidahl (surgeons use Mr instead of Dr.  I think it goes back to when surgeons were barbers rather than doctors.)  I was quite impressed.   :)

I've had proposals from the Facial Team in Spain and Dr Chetawut in Thailand. 

The Facial Team wanted to do my forehead, including brow lift, upper blepharoplasty and lip lift but recommended I get a lower face and neck lift locally, although they were willing to bring in a local (to them) plastic surgeon to do this in the same surgical session.  They didn't think my nose, jaw or chin needed any bone work.

Dr Chetawut proposed doing the full list of FFS procedures (other than a tracheal shave, which I don't need), including forehead, brow, upper & lower blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, chin, jaw, lip, face and neck lift, in a single surgery.  He uses a titanium plate and bone paste over the reduced frontal sinus as opposed to the reshaped bone held in place with screws that the Facial Team utilise.

Mr Breidahl is a plastic and craniofacial surgeon who proposed very similar work on my forehead to the Facial Team but uses thin titanium mesh to secure the reshaped bone plate on the reduced frontal sinus.  He proposed including the brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and lip lift in addition to full face and neck lift, demonstrating much of it by manipulating the soft tissue of my face, which also made clear that my chin will need a little bone work as well.  While my nose is not hideous, its not particularly feminine either, and he proposed to reshape this as well.  More significantly I have a significantly deviated septum, to the extent that I'm not sure I could survive if I could only breath through my left nostril.  Fixing this, as well as the upper blepharoplasty might even attract insurance subsidies.  But he was very firm about not doing my nose and forehead in the one surgery, saying that each is structurally dependent on the other and the risk of things falling apart if they are both structurally modified at the same time was too high for him be comfortable.  He proposed a 6 week gap between surgeries, but in the second surgery (on my nose) there would also be scope to get a breast augmentation as well, probably by a colleague of his who does more transgender BA's than him.

Overall I felt very comfortable with him.  The big question is what it will cost!  He said that he will get his quote to me in a couple of weeks.  He did mention that the first surgery would take about 7 hours, so I'm sure it won't be cheap.



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