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Quick 10 minute survey for my dissertation

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My name is Zelly and I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in Psychology and for my dissertation I'd love to expand the literature on <not allowed> issues. If any of you could possibly fill out this super quick personality questionnaire and maybe even share it with your friends or colleagues (of any gender identity or sexual orientation!) I would be infinitely grateful!!
All my love to this beautiful community,

I filled out your survey. I hope your work is fruitful for you. Would you please post a follow up synopsis for us when you are finished? It would be interesting to see what you discover.


I filled it out.  It would be interesting to see your analytical conclusions at the end of the study.

Sapere Aude

This questionnaire has been approved and has ethics clearance for Newcastle University.

Your participation is entirely voluntary.


Ms Grace:
I presume the last question is abut "shirking duties"... not "shrinking them"...! ;D


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