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Scholarships for Undergraduate LGBTQAI People?

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So I completed my FAFSA a week ago and am well on my way to being enrolled into an online university (Kaplan). I figure, during this time, it would be wise to get as much extra help with loans as possible before I start getting charged for my classes and books and stuff. My first financial advisor suggested for me to do a Google search for scholarships. I found a few good ones that really do apply to me.

And since there seems to be a scholarship for everything, I wonder which ones are out there for LGBTQAI people. I found two so far. One of them, I think, has already reached the deadline for this year, unfortunately. But on the bright side, there is another from the Parents, Families and Friends, of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) that is open until April. I've been working on that for some time.

The only thing I am waiting on for that is my reference requests to be answered (which may not happen and totally disqualify me) and for my college transcript. I'm all ears if you know of any other ones. And they don't all have to be for LGBTQAI people either. I found some for people with Lupus and people on dialysis too.


ftmax: is a directory for all kinds of scholarship opportunities. I can't think of any off the top of my head that are specifically targeted towards LGBTQ people and furthering education. A lot of our "scholarships" are related to obtaining surgery. My advice would be instead of trying to blanket cover every scholarship you qualify for, to spend some extra time on the ones that would be most relevant to you and really make your applications shine.

You'll also probably find that you'll have more financial aid options available after you've been in school for a semester. After that I was eligible for academic competitiveness grants, Dean's list scholarships, department grants, etc. My first year I had to take out loans for about 80% of the cost of school, every year after that was dropped down to around 30%. My graduate school was 100% paid for by the school I went to. So get good grades!

The issue you may run into is that you're choosing a for-profit college. I have heard (not sure if this is 100% accurate or not) that some of them have had their federal and state financial aid pools cut due to the amount of profits they're making.

I tried that before. I mean, But I quickly deleted my account because I saw them advertising surveys and I have bad memories about surveys. If I ever see something with the word "survey" in it, I run like the wind.

You are definitely right about having to get good grades and make progress in school before getting significantly qualified for them. I suppose I was only following some sound advice from my first admissions advisor. I think I might be able to win the lupus and dialysis scholarships. Maybe. Until then, I'm just gonna concentrate mostly on my schoolwork. Right now I'm trying to stay positive even after being called "ma'am" moments ago by some Fed Ex delivery guy. >:( I get misgendered so much I know, I shouldn't care, right? But it hurts every time and is a validation that something is 'wrong' with me.

Sorry. That last bit was kinda off topic.



--- Quote from: FTMax on February 19, 2016, 10:49:31 am ---The issue you may run into is that you're choosing a for-profit college. I have heard (not sure if this is 100% accurate or not) that some of them have had their federal and state financial aid pools cut due to the amount of profits they're making.

--- End quote ---

I heard Kaplan University is a pretty good online school. And its been around for quite some time now, so its gotta be pretty accredited or have a good reputation to be around for as long as it has. I sure hope I do not run into this issue. All the more reason to earn scholarships and other types of funding like grants or something.

Going online is very useful and convenient for me because lupus and dialysis would surely get in the way. I know, because I attended an on-campus college a few years ago and it was no walk in the park....and I am not talking about the schoolwork either. Getting there was the hard part. I became too physically exhausted to really attend school, walking through the Detroit ice and snow at night to catch the bus with strange men wondering all about, so I tried online and loved it but did not have the right amount of funds for this one.

Now, I am trying again but with a different one. I like how this school has a no-commitment trial period before they begin charging you for classes. Not sure if that's all that unique right now. But I'm gonna make this work. I'm going to school for Medical Office Administration. Once I get my certificate in that I will get a job and use the income to help pay off all my loans. Then I wanna go back to school and earn a bachelor's in either Psychology, Vet Assistant or Pharmacy Tech and work my way up to a master's degree in either one of those fields. I will buy a car and go to driver's ed to learn how to drive, without my dad's intervention. I will move into regular housing that won't have to be low income based or with a roommate. I will be free! :D


The issue of accreditation is that often people don't ask the right question. It's definitely important to ask if a school is accredited, but equally important to ask who accredited it. Just like the schools themselves, different accreditors have very different reputations and levels of importance. Kaplan is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which has been approved as an accreditor by the USDE and CHEA. So that is good news at least.

The difficulty you may run into is when you try to transfer to other institutions, or interview for positions with employers. Students who go to for-profit, online based schools often have a lot of issues getting an acceptable amount of their credits to transfer as they move up to a BA because of course content and academic rigor. A course credit cannot transfer to another school if they do not have a comparable course to match it to. So while you may be fine if you do an AS and then BA at Kaplan, you may find that only half of your AS credits would transfer from Kaplan to Florida State. Or none of your credits would transfer. That would be the extreme end, but it's better to find out before you commit. As for employers, many do not recognize schools like Kaplan as academically competitive.

My recommendation would be not to pigeonhole yourself by only looking for "online schools". Look for online programs instead. Most community colleges now offer online classes, and many (like the ones in my area) have entire AS/AA degrees that can be completed without ever setting foot on a campus. Same for certificate programs. Unless what you want to learn is extremely hands on, it should not be difficult to find an online program for it at a low cost.

Not knocking your decision if you do end up attending Kaplan, I would just hate for you to do a bunch of work towards a degree and then find that none of the credit transfers or employers aren't interested.


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