Author Topic: Making a game featuring a trans protagonist, anyone interested in helping?  (Read 540 times)

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Hey everyone!  I just found this gaming section and I am super excited to see so many gamers here! 

Currently, I am working on making a game myself.  It stars a transgender protagonist as one of the main 4 characters.  Due to the time period it is taking place in (medieval fantasy) he will be unable to transition physically into a man.  The story is a heartbreaking tale about living life differently (each of the 4 protagonists have something that society deems "wrong") and the struggles that go with it.  There will be an overarching plot as I want this to be an RPG but it will be steeped in political discourse and fighting inequality. 

I have most of the script written and I am wondering if anyone here is interested in being a part of this.  The script is based on something I have been writing for the better part of 20 years slowly.  I have experience essentially with super basic C++ and RPG maker.  I am hoping to find some like minded individuals who are experienced with Unity to make this even bigger.

A couple things you should know before you respond, if you are interested;

1.  This is a solo project currently.  I have no funding as of yet, so unless things move forward and I possibly get crowdfunding, this is a labor of love.  TL/DR= This is not currently a paying gig.

2.  This game is going to deal with the struggles that trans and other people who are considered "different" deal with in life.  That being said this script is HEAVY.  There will be uncomfortable words, triggering events and things that are true to life.  This is not a "feel good" game, it is to help expand peoples understanding of trans people and people who are not societally "normal."

3.  I am not simply looking for a "consultant" like many other companies are doing these days as I am trans myself and this project has been my baby for most of my life.

So if you would like to be involved in ANY way, programming, character model creation, art, etc, please let me know I'd love to talk about it!

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I can offer character design and edit your writing if you want. Those are probably my greatest strengths. I am pretty great at game design but not the programming part.

I could also maybe make some stuff like the title screen or UI elements?

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