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FAQ - What Commands Can I use?
« on: March 09, 2016, 10:21:31 am »
A frequent question we get is what commands am I allowed to use? or what commands should I know?

Simply - any command you have access to, you are allowed to use. Each player group has different permissions, for example 'default' rank can use commands from the Essentials, PlotMe, uSkyblock and globalmarket plugins, whereas staff can use things like WorldEdit, Voxel ect.

Here is a list of plugin command references that will be useful to you regular players on the server:

PlotMe: (first table only)

/market   Opens the Market menu.   
/market ?   Shows command help.   
/market send <player> <[amount]>   Sends the item you're holding to <player>'s stock. Amount is optional.   
/market createinf <price> <[amount]>   Creates a server listing. Amount is optional.

uSkyblock: (first 3 tables only)

Essentials: (only commands tagged 'general' apply)

If you have any questions, suggestions or worries don't hesitate to ask!

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Re: FAQ - What Commands Can I use?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 08:32:38 am »
i've used these /commands
but i am not sure which are donors+ only

/fly = donor for sure (sets fly mode on/off)
/sethome [name the area] (up to 20 unique locations)
/home [preset location] (teleports you back to the home of your choice)
/home (shows list of preset homes)
/top (teleport to surface)
/back (return to previous location, even if in different world)
/worth (displays sell price of item in hand)
/sell all (sells everything in your inventory, be careful!)
/sell hand (sells item in hand and all of that same item currently in your inventory)
/pay [other player] [amount] (send selected player certain amount of in game money)
/balance (shows current in game money balance)
/balancetop (shows list of richest players and their balances in descending order)
/warp (brings up a list of locations anyone can teleport to)
/warp [location] (warps you to the location)
/tp [other player] (teleport to player, or sends request to player depending on privileges)
/tpaccept (accept a player's request to /tp to you)
/repair (repairs item in hand without level cost or anvil)
/feed (fill hunger bar without using food items)
/unlock {then punch block} (unlocks chests, dispensers, etc...)
/lock {then punch block} (locks chests, dispensers, etc...)
/chopper on {then punch block} (allows hoppers to work on chests, dispensers, etc...)
/chopper off {then punch block} (disables hoppers from working on chests, dispensers, etc...)

i'm sure i'm missing some. so i'll edit this post if i find/remember any and add them.

i've yet to try:
/send [other player] (sends item in hand to selected player's inventory)