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New survey from a medical student in Hungary



This is a research survey that has been given ethical approval by the University. I have agreed that it can be posted.
Note there are questions in regard to activities that are illegal in some countries. You need not answer any question you do not wish too.
The scale used in some questions is 0 = lowest  5 = highest.

Feel free to take part in the survey if you so wish

My name is Eitan Geier I am a 5 year medical student in the university of Szeged Hungary in the English program.
i am writing my thesis about transgender people compering there sex life before and after hormone replacement therapy.
i am doing a questionnaire and i was hoping you can help me find transgender people willing to answer the questionnaire( it is in english).
it is anonymous and can be done by email or the questionnaire is available online at
the questionnaire has been approved by the ethics committee of the szeged university.
i have attached the questionnaire  and profe i am a 5  year medical student in the university of Szeged.
Please tell me if it’s possible and what the procedure is.
Thank you

Eitan geier


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