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I have nothing to say but I am so Proud to be the first post in the Arabic section where there is no posts and I wish that section become the state of the art talk of the Arabic <not allowed>.

I am Elham
I am a pre-operative transsexual living in Egypt but so I will go to China or Germany Who know?

Welcome to Susan's. There is  a lot of information here and a lot of people with varied experiences. It can be a great resource and very supportive.

I would like to share some links to some fairly important information for this site. Mostly policies and some other welcome based information. Please take a moment to read through them:

Things that you should read
Site Terms of Service & Rules to Live ByStandard Terms & DefinitionsPost Ranks (including when you can upload an avatar)Reputation rulesNews posting & quoting guidelinesPhoto, avatars, & signature images policy[/table

Once again, welcome. Look around, ask questions and join in.

With warmth,


أهلا بك

Tessa James:
Welcome Elham,

One of the best features of this Place is the international flavor and contributions that offer wonderfully fresh perspectives.

Thanks for stepping up and being First!

kira21 ♡♡♡:
Make sure you are using some kind of cyber protection!


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