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hello people

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i wear girls clothes  ands shoes whenever i can, and i also wear make up and shave my legs etc, what else could i do to be more girly?

Hello Phoenix, nice to hear from you.

Just in case your 'etc.' didn't include jewelry I'll mention... well, jewelry. *wink* Various anklets, necklaces, earrings and even rings are pretty much girl only although there are enough guys about with earrings (studs only from what I have noticed, fwiw).

Lets see what else? Well, probably not viable but nightshirts come to mind... I don't understand the hoopla about lingerie but that seems popular also.

Hair things (scrunchies, et. all.) as well as bath things (various bubble bath things, body washes and so on -- apricot scrubs are fun *wink*)

Anyway a few ideas, hopefully some of use.
Keep out of trouble and be safe (=

Having a peticure and your nails done is very nice pampers. Belts and pin accents to dress up and out fit come to mind too. Ditto on the other jewelry too. Bath powders and oils and afterbath body sprays alwyas make me feel so feminine. Also if your hair is long enough clipon hair pieces can be lots of fun.


Hi Phoenix,

Have you got your ears pierced? Like the others I think jewellery is what your looking for.


Hey there Phoenix,

Where the heck have you been.  It's good to see you back here



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