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I'm sorry, I can't write in Russian, but as I will be in Kiev next week, I'm hoping I may be lucky and meet someone who can answer some questions.

1) From what I've read most people in Kiev normally speak Russian, not Ukrainian, but is this true? I speak Polish, so I can mostly understand when Ukrainian is spoken, but I can't speak the language, so I was going to speak Russian. Would this be presumptuous?

2) The language I'm most comfortable with is English. In case I would like to communicate in English, with whom could I do so?

3) Could you recommend some places to see and things to do?

4) Could you give me some advice on tipping and any other customs I should know about?

5) Finally, where I live, I run outside late every night and this is viewed as normal. Would seeing a male of half oriental descent continue this habit in Kiev, cause any alarm?

Been there 2 or so. Russian will do fine. Polish unlikely, though they still might understand some words.


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