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I just found out today that in Australia in order for you to have your marker changed on your birth certificate to female you must be affirmated as having the surgery by two specialists (not an issue) and you must be single. (WHAT?)

I am married and so does that mean that if I have srs/grs I would not be a woman because I have a ring on my finger( actually I have rings on my fingers but they are not wedding bands).

This really sucks, who gives them the right to say who can and cannot be a woman anyhow?


So are they saying that if a married preson were to have SRS/GRS they would have to get divorced before the gender maker is changed.  Don't they have same sex protections of any kind in Australia?  Very strange and really sucks if true.


Hi Stephanie, here is their quote "Who can apply
To be eligible to apply, you must be unmarried,18 years
of age or over (an adult) and have undergone sex
affirmation surgery".

So I guess they are saying you need to get divorced before you can claim you are a female.

You can change your name though!


Britain has the same requirement. I think it's currently being challenged. But it always takes the EU to tell Britain they're wrong, so it'll be a long time before it's change.

Thank god for Canada's stance on same sex marriages. Avoids absurdities like this.


If you think about it further Sara there is a reason, not a good one, but one nonetheless. It is against the law here for same sex marriage so unless that law changes the law on xhanging your monica must stay also.

As much as i hope it happens I don't think ousting Howard will change this either as the otherside won't change it either.



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