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Re: This really SUCKS
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MTF marrying an FTM.  If they don't want to recognize gender changes, it's still a male-female relationship.



Re: This really SUCKS
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Oh Melissa that just cracks me up SOO TRUE LMAO!!

The problem with the Florida laws is that they cannot even legally enforce it.
Many states do not show if a alteration has been done to a birth certificate, so they would not know.
Many countries change birth certificates and do not show that they altered them either

And how can a state decide if I am a female or a male sense I am IS?  And using a science that I personally "Detest" as a way of measuring sex, which would they like to measure on me???  My ovary that is gone or my ascended testicle that is still here? Hmm.  I could really get a long list going here but I am sure the point is clear you know? The laws of this country would be humerous if they were not so damaging to so many lives.