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First off i know i still should make an introduction post. Will do that when i am behind a computer again, but for now i have a question for you...

Next weekend we will travel to the UK for two weeks. I more or less look ok, but my voice is still male :( Would it be likely that i get into problems in the UK? For instance on the street or in pubs.

Last year i choose to go in male form but now i am so used to being female, i don't like to have to go as a man anymore. Last year we had our car parked on the pavement for 5 minutes. In the 5 minutes there were guys that found it necesarry to spit on our car. In the Netherlands where we live that would never happen, so there is a difference and that is why i am asking.

Also i am curious if there are regular meetings. We will visit south Wales and West Yorkshire. Could be fun to meet others.

Hope its all clear and if not, just ask :)

Welcome to Susan's Place. I don't have a clue what the answer would be because I live in the US and the only other country I have been in was Mexico. I think it might depend on the neighborhood and bar you are in. The working class areas might give you more trouble that the better places. One option is after my voice surgery last summer, I had about two weeks I couldn't speak. You could fake laryngitis when you are in a place were voice might be an issue. On the other hand, I went for years with a voice that was still in the male range and nobody ever commented on it.

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I myself am from East Yorkshire. Honestly, it depends on which part of the city.

Wherever you go, there's a chance there will be people who are non respectful of you - which sucks. UK in general is good, though.

I've found that most people are fine, with the exception of people I know who are obviously trans/queer in bars/clubs that are in rougher cities, and walking around late in rough areas (which isn't really advisable for anyone).

I don't know of any groups in West Yorkshire or Wales, if you're visiting East Yorkshire I can recommend a bi-monthly adult group (I can PM with more details).

Good luck for your trip - you'll find that Yorkshire and Wales are both beautiful places!

I live in a suburban town next to London so I'm not familiar with West Yorkshire. But I live in a small town were there are no obviously queer people so I do stick out but people just mind their own business. I find the UK is generally very safe. People usually keep to themselves so as long as you act confident you'll be fine. Although I hear northerners still like to be talkative with strangers so you may have to be ready for that.


--- Quote from: Elis on April 17, 2016, 07:10:45 pm ---Although I hear northerners still like to be talkative with strangers so you may have to be ready for that.

--- End quote ---

If you appear friendly, you will likely at some point be approached by someone for a convo - generally middle-aged older women if you're shopping, not usually in the street.

Also in convos, especially in Yorkshire, expect to be addressed as love, dear, sweetheart, darling ect. by most people - apparently it's a UK thing. Even as a guy, I still get addressed as 'lovely' by some people working in shops.


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