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Hi Everyone,

I've noticed lately a number of requests for info on therapists and also some recommendations for therapists. This lead me to think that perhaps a spot in the Wiki could be made for a list of threapists, who are TG freindy or experienced or both.

I spoke to Steph, our wonderful hard working Wiki Administrator, about it and the go ahead has been given. So the call is out for members of Susan's to provide from their experiences submissions for the list.

The submission should include:

Medical qualification i.e. PhD, MD, etc...
Contact information including locality (it would be best to include State and Country where appropriate).

I am happy to gather this info from your submissions and with the help of the Wiki staff have offered to compile it for publishing in the Wiki.

Thanking you in advance.


Where do you want the info sent or posted?


Here's one in Victoria BC:

He's the guy I went to. I like him a lot.


Whichever the submitter is more comfortable with either posted or PM is fine.

Thanks for yours Dennis


Here is the information on the therapist I am using.  There aren't many that have experience with the TG community in the northeast part of Los Angeles.

Cindie Henrie, LMFT
M.A. Clinical Psychology
LVN License
List Sexual Minority & <not allowed> Teens as one of her specialties
Web site:

While I have only had two sessions with her so far, I am very pleased and comfortable with her.  She seems to really understand the issues I am working through.

I hope this information can help someone else down the line.



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