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I'm rose, first time here a couple days ago, was banned by a mod today reason being "pm without asking" But I was asked to pm someone, this is a good community and i'm confused why I got banned for no reason? Please remove this ban, I really like the sense of community in the chat room and some mod obviously on a power trip banned me for a reason that isn't true!

The error message I get on attempting to log into chat Error Connecting (Closing link: ( [G-Lined: [Monokuma] rose: pm'ing without asking (ID: GNBWZOH1UR)])
How is it okay to ban me for a reason that isn't true

The message has been forwarded to somebody who will look at it.

ty dena <3

Rose, the reason for the 3 hour ban was due to the fact you broke one rule of chat which is sending PM's without asking. It is only for 3 hours of which about 40 min have been served already. You should be able to get back in about 2 hours and 20 min from now. No indication in regards to having permission was seen and as a result the PM rules were stated. Once it happened after you were warned is when they placed the ban. I'm sorry that you got banned, but this ban is so quick that appealing won't change anything before the ban expires. Thans


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