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Hi, I registered today in order to ask a question for people who have experience with taking hormones.
I recently administered to myself   depo-provera and   estrafem but now I'm having strong reservations about whether or not to continue HRT.
If I decide to stop will any effects that take place be reversed, and if so what effects can I expect to experience from the dosage I've taken so far?


Honestly the only person you should speak with doses about is the Dr. who proscribed them to you in the first place. The short answer of why is we tend to be too different, x amount for me is not proper for you and so on.

That said, generally all effects are reversible up to the 6month mark I think it is. (The wiki has more on the subject)

If I may ask, what reservations do you have?

To add to Kimberley,

If you have not been seeing a DR. the time is right now as HRT without Dr's supervsion is very dangerous.



A doc visit for some blood work first is needed.  I know that many disagree with me on that but I learned the hard way that it is indeed the thing to do.  My first endoc did not tests at all.  $80 and you got a shot and a prescription for estradiol.

Years later, and off hormones at that point, I went to a real endoc who not only does blood work but must be a vampire in disguise.  I have had a lot taken from my arm these past few years and for good reason.  I had a lot of things going on that hormones could have made a lot worse.  Those were cleared up and now I just pop in and see her twice a year.  :)


--- Quote ---ask a question for people who have experience with taking hormones.
--- End quote ---

Ok, you have found a place that has a lot of people on hormones and the experience of what they incountered while on them. 

You mentioned administering the drugs to yourself.  I would take it that you were not perscribed estrogens or blockers by a doctor and have not had a blood test to determine medical dificulties to determine if you may have some ailments, liver or heart problems that could lead to hemmoraging, heart attack or other serious effects if you system is exposed to HRT drugs.  All you know is you stuck some kind of <not allowed> into your body and from that your condition is unknown until examined by a doctor.  You may be alright, you may not be able to get out of bed tommorow morning without someone to help you to sit up and to walk with you to make sure you don't fall down on your face and go boom.

As to what effects will return to normal and what will remain that depends on how long you have been taking them and what has happened to your body that is visable.  If you have grown breasts they will for the most part remain and you will have to spend a huge hunk of money to have them removed if you wish to.  Nothing has happened to your voice or face hair but some body hair may have thinned out and shed away as said before, internal damage may have been done but only a doctor can determine that.

If on hormones long enough the skin on the body will have thinned out and a layer of fat will have developed underneith it.  That is what makes a females skin softer and smoother then a males.  returning to a testosterone environment will make the skin thicken back up.

It varies with the individual but if on long enough, you could be steril, impotent or simply not interested in sex anymore.  It varies with individuals.  Rerturning to testosterone may or may not reverse some of that back toward normal.  again, depends on the individual.

Hopefully you haven't been on long enough to cause serious internal damage or develop blood clots.  If clots are present, you could easily have a stroke which may leave you crippled for life, a very good reason not to self medicate without supervision.

No one here is qualified to tell you anything except get your tail in communication with a doctor and explain to him what you have been taking, how much a dose, how many does's a day and how long you have been doing this.  He will start from there, most likely with a major Blood test and check your liver and heart for any abnormalties.  With some liver and heart diseases or malfunctions, hormones can not be taken at all, or only under specific circumstances to prevent damage.

Don't look for advise on such problems here, nobody here can help you.  A doctor is required to tell you what your condition is after checking you out.  We can not discuss dosages etc with you here, it's against the rules in order to prevent those out there who have pine moss for brains try to use the information to self medicate themselves.  HRT used incorrectly is a crippler or a destroyer, do not doubt this Believe it and do not touch such stuff without a doctor caring for you during the process.

And just a note about HRT, you haven't been on HRT, you have been on a risk game of spin the wheel, untill you see the proper doctors and confirm that not only do you need hormones to live a proper life, you have the health to survive them and the proper mental condition to withstand the rigors, tests and trials of living with the results and making a happy "normal" life for yourself in the day by day real world where you can't hide from anybody, or anything but have to face it second by second every moment of your life.



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