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Sooo, question & announcement(sp).. The United States of America's military is going through a process of allowing transgender individuals to legally be enlisted and respectfully sworn to serve the country.

The month of May is the expected legalization. The 27th day of May 2016 (based on our gegorian calendar) This moment can allow everyone an equal right and fair opportunity at life within the United States' borders and beyond the borders. Relinquishing poverty, homelessness, social & political turmoil between citizens, and importantly the decrease in percentage in the number of suicides.

Abling the minority group as a whole to have respective careers along with more career opportunities, healthy lives and encouragement for generations here and to come that they can be more than how socities portray us & ultimately ALLOW us to be.

Besides the ridicule on television news, local & social centers within and around communities, forcing people with very very few options into sex work, into the sex industry, shoulders & elbows to become a "model" (which strains the youth, elderly & those who choose to undergo cosmetic procedures, excluding GRS/SRS which for most & *crossing fingers* is NOT cosmetic, not every person chooses to reconstructthemselves minus their regimen of directories/signals as known as hormone replacement therapy.)

We cannot continue arguing against people in a country where religion is not a law & people must suffer from neglect. How can you say what is to come from allowing persons to openly serve their country, to be born again proud American citizens possibly through their individual contribution can help mend this worlds issues of hatred and spiritual/personal war. So a transmen and transwomen served the country, became soldiers, how will this ever destroy this country. Bigotry to the children and masses is a disease of nations. While communication builds nations, and best at worst is to lead by example,transfolks being coherent of concerns, worries and retrospectives of those who oppose, yet able to do what is requested of themselves and others to ease and be the living example. If not now when. What destruction could possibly come, other than an ego.

I have faith that this amazing opportunity can stabilize some of this planets issues. Save the transfolks at large. The Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines offer many jobs and career choices, allowing for a civilian lifestyle afterward. I have been on "the streets" and look at some people and wonder, what options could you possibly have? Honesty, you pass as a person, no mind your gender but would be withheld from gaining employement for fact of your physical appearance and judgement of your "passability rate". Able & willing, honest & kind, with an attribute of courage. Not that the people do not want jobs or careers but it is damned difficult.

Sleeepy & more tired. If not you, check the news, converse with others transgender, alike or cisgender. No anarchy, no Love lost, believe. I myself as a transfemale want to be a medical technician, cryptologic linguist or within intelligence. Besides my transition, it completes my Life. All I look forward to truly. Life is at ease. My experience and journey does not end but is sure to be at ease. Hopes & Dreams. Opportunities & Possibilities! Restores faith to see who some claim to be scum, psycho or less than to flourish and pass as themself.

This probably became off topic at moments, rough draft freestyle final publish.. Ya Digg!

God Bless You If You Allow God To!
Respecting Jesus. 

I've been following developments on the policy change pretty closely, and have some connections to a group working on removing the ban. AFAIK, there has been no date given. The expectation is that it will be sometime this year, but unless you know something I don't, I don't think it will be May.

At one point last year they said there would be a decision in April.  Since then there has been only silence.  Whoever does know what's going on isn't talking about it publicly.

Sapere Aude

To what I have heard of this was that it was postponed, with no official date as of yet. I do have hope that it will go through, hopefully sooner than later.

Kate <3

Still no policy, and DoD's silence on the subject is not reassuring.


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