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Wicca's Thoughts on Transitioning

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I have been a devout Wiccan for many more years than I care to admit, nearly all of it solitary in practice. As I've grown even stronger in my faith since my move to Minneapolis, Mn. I don't know what the members of my coven would think of my MTF transition.

Is this a natural act of the Gods? Does this displease Them? Am I harming anyone (including myself and my body) by transitioning?

I struggle with these questions because I don't want to be a failure in their eyes nor in the eyes of my coven.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I just did a quick google search for "wicca and transgender". Many things popped up. Mostly suggesting that most Wicccan Covens accept transgender very well. One site pointed out that one of the first rules of Wicca is
--- Quote --- "an it harm none do as ye will"
--- End quote ---

This was a cursory glance. There does seem to be a few instances of there being issues but even the Huffington Post suggested that Wicca as a whole could teach us all a thing or two about interacting with the transgender community.

Good luck. Hope everything goes smoothly.

With warmth,


There are exceptions but over all the Wicca community is very lgbt friendly. I am personally very new to Wicca, my exploration of the faith has gone hand and hand with my transition, one more part of me long denied that I am finally starting to live the truth of.

The very heart of wicca is change, the turning of the seasons the growth of maiden to mother to crone. Some faiths teach that they're god created everything exactly as he wants it now and forever unchanging. But Wicca and most pagans see change and growth, ones personal path, one's inner truth as a vital part of life and so most even if they don't understand transgender people they accept them.

Transitioning can be difficult, but I can't believe that the goddess and the god could ever be upset by someone looking inside themselves, finding some pain and working to heal it. Like childbirth the act of transitioning can be painful and difficult for oneself and those around you but in the end it can bring far more joy than tears.

I think I am rambling so let me just say, your far from alone.

Blessed Be


Traci M Knight:
In general the Wiccan community is very LGBT friendly and accepting. However that said, do not be surprised if you run into a few Radical Feminist Dianic groups which are not so open minded.

Best Wishes and Bright Blessings

@Serena, very well said, I trully apreaciate your reply in this post because it is a concern that I also feel sometimes and as I am interested in Wicca it was nice to read your point of view on this... nicely written.


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