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Wicca's Thoughts on Transitioning

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Arianna Valentine:
I have been Wiccan for many years about 15 or so and one thing i have learned and a big reason i chose to make Wicca my religion is because they are accepting of everyone no matter what their race, gender, sexual preference they accept people for who they are and do not expect you to change for them they just simply accept everyone which for me is why it is such a wonderful religion.  That being said there might be some who are anti transgender but i find it very rare to find honestly.


--- Quote from: Loved_PrincessMPLS on May 02, 2016, 10:09:21 pm ---Is this a natural act of the Gods? Does this displease Them? Am I harming anyone (including myself and my body) by transitioning?
--- End quote ---

My Goddess has been intimately involved in my transition. It wouldn't be happening without Her; if it weren't for Her, I might still be completely in the dark about myself. Pretty amazing stuff. So, I think the gods are on board with it, in principle. :)


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