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What do LBGT's become christian?

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Just look around you, the christian religion and the overwhelming majority of it's followers despise you and want nothing to do with you.
I'm not saying this to be inflammatory as I'm in the LBGT community myself but to waste time trying to associate yourself with some demographic that actively seeks your destruction seems very counter-productive.

I think it would be better if LBGT were atheist, agnostic, or deist because you will never convince christians to tolerate you, your very existence churns their stomach.
You may criticize me by saying that I'm lumping all christians with the evangelical republican right but the fact of the matter is that this faction of christianity is the dominant one, they get to decide what christianity is, not you.
I'm saying this as a realist, not a hater.  Christianity is not about inclusion, it is about fear-mongering, power over individuals, hate, and greed.

My point of veiw is, I'm strong enough to chalenge them by transitioning before them, in front of their eyes, defying everthing their upbrining told them was normal, bring into reality that mother nature is'nt perfect. If they feel that THIER interpratation of faith or a dusty old book is going to change my veiws of my own beilifes then they have won. BUT for me that will never happen, because in my faith uderstanding is the basis for rleligion. The Unitarian Universalist are a Christian church, who openly accept the GLBT community.

This free-thought mentality approach you're taking to christianity is the very antithesis of religion.  That "dusty old book" you're talking about is the heart and soul of christianity.  It is not a living document subject to change, it is written in stone by people who thought the world was flat and it's followers are forbidden from accepting any ideas which are foreign or contradict anything written in the bible.
Christianity is not what you or anyone else in the LBGT wants it to be, it has rules just like all other religions and one of those rules is that people like us are an abomination and will burn in Hell.
We should stop embracing this hateful ideology.  Christianity is our enemy and is in part responsible for most of the discrimination people in the LBGT community face today, we should oppose it vigorously.

Christianity uses various aspects of the indiginous peoples of ancient times, taoist therories, buddist theories and many others. I took a comparitive religions course in college and its is so un belivable how similar all religions are. And yes I say dusty old book because that is wghat it is. Christianity is just the first religion to publish its own book. I agreen thet ist has gotten out of control, but only due to misinterpratation. If we The GLBT giv up so esily then why do transition or why don't we just become straight?


I recently administered to myself  depo-provera and  estrafem but now I'm having strong reservations about whether or not to continue HRT.
If I decide to stop will any effects that take place be reversed, and if so what effects can I expect to experience from the dosage I've taken so fa

I'm sorry if this offends you, but you need to seek counsling. It sounds to me like you think being part of the GLBT or trans community is some cool pop culture kick, that you think you can dump when its not a cool fad anymore.  that is why there are SOC.

The reson why I posted this comment, is because of your comments about the religous right and  your post about UNSUPERVISED experimental use of HRT. It just sound like your on a crusade that if it doesn't go your way then you give up, and just be another "normal" person.


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