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What do LBGT's become christian?

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Many of my friends are Christians that people would consider "evangelical" and the ones who know about my TG condition still love me as their friend.  If anything it's brought us closer because they understand the full person and I no longer have to hide anything from them.  They accept that God made me this way, that he has his reasons, and they're not trying to "change" me.  They also recognize that taking away the male identity would effectively change me from their friend into someone they didn't know.


Christianity is huge. There are so many different beliefs of the same book that it would be impossible to name them. There beliefs change as the years and the people change, so the Bible is not the book of life. There is no such thing. It can't predict the future either. I have been hearing for over 50 years now that the end is coming according to the Bible. They would give some circumstance that happen in the world and then they would try and use some verse to justify their claim. The churches are run just like any other big business, what was your sales today, they better be a lot higher next week or you will be in a smaller congregation or looking for another job. This is true with all of them.


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