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So I'm really at a crossroads in my life. Good job, understanding boyfriend (he's amazing) and a sense of calm around whatever it is I am (if not acceptance).

But I lack friends. You know, friends like me, who can help and who will accept me and Marissa.

I don't really have the courage for support groups or clubs. I find solace in being able to form friendships online first.

I think this site is now the one place where I will find those people and I look forward to finding out who you are soon.

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Don't be afraid of support groups. They have been wonderful for me. They are generally safe places to talk about issues while not a replacement for real therapy. It is amazing when you hear others talking about the exact feelings or situations you are going through. Good luck!  Jenny

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My friends are few but enough for me.

Support groups sound like a good place to check out even if you just go as an observer it might help to feel less alone.

Absolutely!  You can talk as little or as much as you want. No pressure at all. You can also safely dress there if you want. Generally that have a place you can dress in private.

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You could have a look here:,195129.msg1758946.html#msg1758946

and here:,135219.0.html

Don't be shy, just send a few texts and emails ...

there are nice trans poeple out there who also are happy to talk to someone ...

and two more postings and you can send private messages  :)



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