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It is quite simple isn't it.  I know when people visit my home, everyone has to use the same "restroom" as I can't afford to have two in the house.  No one seems to mind either  :)

Aaaaaaaaaah my learned friend.  Actually the origins of the separately labeled restrooms go way back in history to the early Egyptians.  As everyone knows that in about 200 BC, the early Egyptians were quite happy with their unisex approach to public restrooms, people went in and out of them quickly and without delay.  Also, as everyone knows, their women were the first recorded to use make up.

As the use of make-up grew in popularity among the women, long lines of people outside of restrooms started to develop all over Egypt as many stood cross legged, waiting until women in the rest room had finished re-applying their make-up after finishing they ablutions.  Of course it didn't take the men long to realise that this was getting out of hand and they needed to change this as soon as possible, as peeing on your sandals is not cool.

So the Egyptian men passed a new law that all washrooms in Egypt would be separately designated as one for females, and one for males.  This made the males very happy who no longer had to wait in lines to pee, and they no longer had to walk through the sand in wet sandals.  Unfortunately women still have to line up to this very day to use restrooms.   And it seems that all the law makers in world have not been able to solve this particularly annoying female problem :)

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You would be interested in the restroom at "The Malt Shop" here.  The sign just says "Restroom." There's no lock on the door and when you get inside there's a sink and two stalls.  One stall says "Men" and other one says "Women."

Where in the h**l is the malt shop


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