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Finding Trans friendly Dr's in the UK


As I am sure you are all aware it can be difficult to find a GP who is helpful with transitioning within the UK. Earlier this year a parliamentary committee released a damning statement that the NHS is "failing" Trans patients. It has just been announced that the promised reforms have been delayed, I am hopeful the government is just being cautious to make sure they get things right.

A group of Trans people have started a searchable database to help people to both find & rate GP's on their willingness/ability to deal with a persons transition.
They are having a few teething problems such as installing links to facebook but the database is up & running & gradually building up information to help us all.

I did a quick search for my area, the site was easy to use & already had ratings for several local GP's.
One small feature that I liked was a big button next to the header to instantly return you to your search engine, this is a great feature for those who are not yet out.

I hope this helps in some way

Great to see. My local GP has been quite good so far, I'll update info on the database when I have a better picture.

NHS has an anti discrimination policy, although some GPs do still have the right to not administer cross sex hormones.

If you're being discriminated against by any medical staff in the UK (under NHS) you should be able to complain and have it dealt with.

Trans treatments in the UK are still under funded and not to the standard they should be, but as far as GPs go in the process their job is simple - to refer and support, and possibly administer.

Meowt, I agree with everything you say but through my involvement in support & the LGBT community it's clear that many Trans people find it difficult to complain.

This can be from many factors such as depression or a fear of making complaints having a negative effect in future dealings with the NHS, often people can just feel that they don't have the energy to take on another fight with the NHS.
I know that in the 4 or 5 years of my transition so far it's been a constant battle.

I've been in the perfect position to have taken legal action against the NHS but didn't for a combination of all 3 of those reasons. I just pray that when the reforms arrive they bring Trans treatment to an equal level with all other NHS care.

My GP has been always been great and I've been to him for over 30 years.

Very lucky and he's happy to help in any way he can. Blood tests no problem. Investigating referrals for voice, trach etc for me. Offered GIC straight off the bat but I had already self referred.

Will probably add him to database later but think I'm probably the only trans person in my area.


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