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Initially checking the likes of Asda, Tesco etc for cheap day to day bra but 38A not stocked :(

However after some digging online I've found Marks & Spencer do carry a lot in 38A. They seem to be quite unique in that as everywhere else starts at 38B.

Plan to drop by tomorrow to arrange a proper fitting to confirm my size then pick up a few.

Will post how it goes.
Now just need to hope my advisor and I click :)

Couldn't get a booking for fitting before tomorrow online so just settled taking in a few options.

Staff were welcoming and I picked up no awkwardness from them as they politely asked if was just there to try things on then pointed me to an empty cubicle.

Sizes in accord with the reviews but still found one of my choices to be perfect :)

Will defo be heading back to M&S when I need more stuff.

Had the same problem In the UK. I often get them from amazon. There are vendors that sell ex-store lingerie and with a bit of digging you can find quite a few 38a bras

I've seen this exact size at Matalan.
With Kindnesses
Victoria xx

Good call not been in Matalan for ages. About time I checked in as they did have some nice stuff in the January sales.


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