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Re: The All New 'Before & After' Topic (v 4.0)
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So cool congratulations you look happy how do you feel?
I feel wonderful.  I know that sounds odd as GCS is more than a minor hassle (here's my GCS thread) and it's the first of four surgeries in the next six months, but I set some goals and on my way. 

I feel great when I see others gain happiness. 

For several decades I hated having photos taken - tried my best to smile for the camera.  Now it's effortless.

Assigned male at birth 1963.  Decided I wanted to be a girl in 1971.  Laser 2014-16, electrolysis 2015-17, HRT 7/2017, GCS 1/2018, VFS 3/2018, FFS 5/2018, BA 7/2018.