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To start with I am not sure if this fits in this section so please move it if it doesn't.

I know we have people here from all around the world. I am hoping that someone can answer this question.

Are videos and such on Facebook true about terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, and other places true?

I don't tend to believe everything I read but after Orlando Florida and the weekend killings in Chicago I wonder. Some of you live in these places so you can give a first hand report as to if these things have escalated as bad as they appear.

I know that I personally feel the time has come to quit relying on police to help. From what I see they stand down when told and innocent people are maimed or killed. I see where government is out of control and backing evil many times.

In a sense this places all Americans on an even playing field now. Christians as well as people straight, gay, transgender, cisgender and all others appear to be killed by these people. It seems that radical Islamic terrorists have infiltrated every nation and are attacking when they have enough people to do so.

I could be wrong about all or part of this. If so please tell me what you see in other countries. I am honestly curious. But as for my family, I do teach them to shoot and carry weapons and should they or I be attacked the laws of the land go out the window as we appear to be at war from what I see. We will not dial 911 but handle things our self. Some may find that offensive but from what I see people are dying while the police and government ignore it.

I do not want to be so gullible I believe anything but also not so overly concerned I am counted paranoid. I sort of feel "bring it on" with these people. I still hold my military belief in protecting family and friends from all enemies of the Constitution both foreign and domestic. That oath has no expiration date.

Any honest help would be appreciated.

May God bless.

I live in Chicago and the news about violence is very accurate.

Thanks Stephanie.
I truly appreciate the confirmation.
May God bless.

I have friends in Germany and throughout Scandinavia. The situations there are as they have been presented in everything I've seen online. I don't think any countries have been fabricating videos for the sake of propaganda or anything else, if that's what was implied.

I'm a former police officer. I know how long it takes for someone to arrive on scene to assist in any kind of emergency. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and would argue that in many parts of our country, there has never been a time that it would be appropriate to wait for a police officer or sheriff to assist you if you are about to become a victim of a violent crime. You've got to run, hide, or fight back to the best of your ability.

I encourage everyone I know to place a call to their local departments and inquire about police response times at various times of day - what's the average response time in the morning, at lunch, at dinner, at night? What about during shift change? In many places, officers coming on and off shift means that you'd have to wait an additional 10 minutes or more to get a response. I can't even imagine what it's like for folks living in rural areas of the country with one access road, one deputy, and double digit (or more) miles in between any two points. You have to have a completely different mindset to live in those places.

The one thing we may differ on (and I'm not sure - we may agree) is that this shouldn't just be in response to potential terrorist threats. I believe 100% that folks should know what they would do in any violent, emergency situation, train themselves to do those things reflexively, and commit to performing those actions if they ever find themselves in that position. It could be a terrorist attack or mass shooting, workplace violence, home invasion, robbery - anything.

I don't think it's paranoid to be situationally aware and to have the skills and means to ensure your survival. It's common sense.

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it greatly.
Being a hick in the country I am more concerned about home invasion by reason of opportunity since it takes county police longer to answer. I have had that attempted twice but they ran when I came out with a gun. I think when they see farms in the county between two cities they think it's easy pickins. They are wrong in some cases. I'm thankful for that.

The second issue is Obama's constant attempts to disarm the citizens while terrorists are killing people. From what I see he is going to us the UN to do so and UN vehicles and armored personnel carriers have been seen here in the States in various places. Police tend to stand down and in many cases state and county police ignore the Constitution in favor of federal law. Many of the police officers have not read the Constitution and realize the federal government is limited to 10 square mile and the county sheriff has more power in his county than FBI, BLM, DEA, ATF and other federal agencies. My concern is Obama sending the UN to various places to grab guns which would be deadly with terrorists killing people.

I don't want to cause this to drift but  those are my concerns. The patriots, hicks and hillbillies have no intention of giving up their guns. Too many in government who are trying to abolish or override the 2nd amendment are pushing various ways to take weapons. Sadly it appears Obama is also attempting to set the stage to declare martial law so he doesn't have to leave office. I don't want to get into politics but Hillary is pro ISIS because of donations and sadly ISIS is attacking the LGBT community along with the rest of us. These people are coming into our country with the Mexican immigrants and showing up at terrorist murders.

This is what I have learned through videos and articles and need to know if these things are true. The rioting in Germany, France and such where unarmed people must rely on police and innocent people are being slaughtered.

Once again, thank you very much for your input.


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