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Eid Mubarak!! <3

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Zara Aaliyah:
I know I'm probably the only muslim still here but I just wanted to say Eid Mubarak to any guys or girls who are muslim and still visit here!! :D x

Eid Mubarak too you too little sister!! xxx ;D

Zara Aaliyah:
Aww thank you!! ;D Haha are you Muslim too?? :-* xxx

I reverted in 2004 ... But transitioning I've fallen away.

In the sense of not attending any mosque but in prayers etc no problem just more private.

UK majids are waaay too conservative. Canada is a totally different story but I'm in UK now so have to be careful tbh.

Sunni. But now that sheiks are starting to make pronouncement in our favour I'm rather hopeful inshallah

All kindnesses
Victoria xx

Zara Aaliyah:
Oh cool :)

Yeah I've not even started transitioning yet and I'm already finding it hard, I sometimes going to mosque just makes me feel a little uncomfortable with myself so I avoid it and just pray at home when I can :P

Yeah that's so good that sheikhs are coming around!! Hopefully soon it'll be more accepted :)

Ohh so you're in the UK now?? Where about if you don't mind me asking?? :) xxx


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