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My friend found this nifty interesting article regarding Estrogen Actions /Other

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I'm still reading it still not too far in, but past the introduction, so I doubt (was reading on it does LOL) it contains information on Transgender People, but it's a very interesting article. I will admit that I don't normally read articles pertaining to Medical Research or Thesis Papers, but this article is very interesting to me. I usually read up on engineering articles from time to time to increase my knowledge to help me at work or at least when I did work at plant sites. Now not so much, but I did pick up a bit of Bio-Medical Engineering at one time working on medical equipment was pretty fun. You get to meet various types of people in that type of pathway. So it doesn't take long to talked about about where medical technology is going.

So after that boring introduction on why I'm interested in this particular article it speaks about Estrogen having not only various benefits (or effects) on the Female Body, but also in Males. I recommend if you can stand a very long read take a look at it. I found it from a friend who linked it to me on FaceBook. But it IS possible that it may.

Estrogen Actions in the Brain and the Basis for Differential Action in Men and Women: A Case for Sex-Specific Medicines
BY Glenda E. Gillies + Simon McArthur

Hello Raye,
Thank you for posting that extremely interesting and fascinating paper.
As you did, I am managing to read my way through it.
I do think it should be more widely disseminated through the TS community.


Hi, Raye

Thank you! That was fascinating.

Paul Muad-Dib:
That's interesting. I hope they can eventually pin down the mechanisms behind things like MS, Alzheimer's and dementia, and why they seem to have a higher prevalence in women, even if estrogens have protective effects during illness and recovery.


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