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Yes...your star can shine.


Newgirl Dani:
This is not here for discussion purposes as I have neither time nor inclination to do this (If discussion is wanted within this thread...well perfect, then do so).  The purpose?  When I used to come here before, a year or so ago, time seemed to be of a nature that does not hold true for me now.  As momentum increases and the spin on my own axis speeds, many things that used to hold importance is now seen as just unnecessary weight.  I used to read many posts from people concerning thelema, wicca, etc., and whether or not they mix with being transgender (using this as umbrella for all).  So I am here to say "yes" it is "all" possible, there is "no" restriction.  All restriction only serves to prevent your waters from moving from muddy to clear.  There is no reason for clarification as to the orders in which I belong, no need, a central pillar runs through all, and your path is your own.  You are as star, so as you find your own true path and continue, you will shine.   :)

Could this be in another area such as Pagan, or Other?  Yes, it matters not.  Even though I say I have little time to spend here, this does not mean I am completely inaccessible, so you are welcome to PM me.  You are also welcome to read of my own evolution 'so to speak' (that first difficult year or so of my transgender transition) through poetry, over in the writing section, within my beginnings "The Reactivation of Some Things Old" and the current "The Institution of Some Things New".  Just another traveler,   Dani


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