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Anybody into Dolls?

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I've been thinking I'd like to make clothes for a doll, but I don't own any. Yet. So have any of you done this? What would be a good doll to start with? Preferably that isn't extremely expensive. Thanks...

Hi rosemary We are into The laura ashton reborn Dolls .They are so lifelike and cuddly .They can be bought on eBay quite reasonably . They are perfect for dressing up as they are the right size and weight for the age they portray .So any patterns for both knitting or sewing your own clothes will fit well . Plus there is nothing nicer than sitting watching the box with a baby cuddled up to you

Hugs Toni

Ms Grace:
I guess it depends on the type of doll you are into. A gay cis make friend of mine is totally into dolls, especially the glamour fashion lady dolls, standing about 12" (I know, go figure, right?). He has even made and sold some of his own models of fashion dolls. A friend of his does the fashion/clothing design for each model and someone else does the actual manufacturing of the clothes. I'm not sure if it is a bit of a sweat shop effort or just the one person, but I can ask my friend for details if you like.

For a decade, I've picked up pens and pencils and pretended that they're dolls.
I don't have any.

I used to make dolls and stuffed animals for my daughter, with matching clothing for both.

Back then, I'd glean patterns out of old craft magazines, then alter them to fit my notions, or design my own stuff. I made overalls, pants, dresses, bonnets, bloomers, hair accessories, etc.
My children started designing and sewing their own clothes and toys at five (daughter) and eight (son) years old, so wanted to make their own stuff.

But now you can download patterns and ideas from the internet to adapt to your needs.

You can buy dolls cheaply at resale places, on Craigslist, from big discount stores, etc.

Or just buy an off-brand doll that copies a popular doll.


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