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Definition of Gender Diverse

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--- Quote from: Cindy on July 22, 2016, 09:38:52 am ---Not withstanding the wiki.

The 'gender diverse' community is increasingly used as a synonym for the LGBTIQA community and a lot easier to say.

--- End quote ---

Biggleteecue (BIGALTQ)'s easy when you say it right!  :laugh:

Hugs, Devlyn

Gwen Rhydderch:
Revisiting the definition for "Gender Variant":

--- Quote ---In an attempt to reduce psychopathologisation of persons who identify or have gender expression which does not conform to atypical beliefs, WPATH has begun use of "gender variance" as an umbrella term.
--- End quote ---

The term is problematic. Whereas it makes sense to identify as a "transgender woman" as in a person who is transitioning to the gender of woman. How would one identify under an equivalent "gender variant" label?

One can't use "gender variant woman" since we are not claiming gender variance from women. If I follow the nomenclature correctly, one would have to identify as "gender variant man" (!) That would surely be most unpopular?!


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