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strange monsters
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:04:07 pm »
I draw. :D Have been drawing digitally since I was 11 or 12, so about 4 years, never had a proper graphics tablet so I have to use android tablets. Been drawing traditionally for as long as I can remember. ;)

I mostly draw monsters, aliens and dragon kind of things, and I have a headworld thing called Naui that I've managed to create six species for. I wish I wasn't so damn lazy, then I could make lore and stuff for them and then let other enjoy them too and make all the virtual moneys, but nobody saw that xD
Here's some of the stuff I did

These two are concept things for two Naui species, the one with the tentacles on its head is a herbivorous reptile thing with no eyes that lives in dark swamps and caves which is why it has no eyes, and I have no idea what the snake one does. haha

This is an experimental project, Subject 665, that was made out of a few random animals and possibly a human being. Its hands can become whatever it so desires, and it loves to party. It is more commonly referred to as Spatula-hands

Another Naui species. This is Void, it's a Snapperjap (a friend named the species) on the run from the government who basically have a phobia of everything different. He got kicked out of the Snapperjaps' city when their current ruler came into power and ordered that all of the "different" ones be exiled or killed. Some managed to escape to other planets (Rhode and his family, you'll see him later), some like Void didn't, but it's trying to spark a rebellion

I've done the occasional scene thing

Inspired by the song Lateralus by Tool

If Alduin got his way

For an art contest that hasn't been judged yet. Inspired by the feelings Soundgarden's song Beyond The Wheel (the demo, more specifically) gave me

And I do stupid stuff as well. A lot.

Stone is the one in the Pearl Jam shirt (he's supposed to be dripping green goo from his mouths and tail eyes but I forgot), Hevnoraak is in a lot of pain and the two-headed one is called Disorder and Indifference. They're all Screaps, a species someone else made, I don't know if they transferred ownership or not because they said a lot that they don't like the species anymore. Shame q:

Hayk is the blue one with wings, Hokoron is in jail, Rhode has the mic, Wash is the other closeup, Craig is making it rain on Cliff and Spatula-hands is on the floor. Rhode's another Snapperjap whose design is based on the Badmotorfinger cover (a Soundgarden album), Hokoron is a Lokah (not my species), Wash is a Koltherian (also not my species), Hayk is the offspring of a dragon/dog mating, Cliff and Craig are just alien wolf things.

Hevnoraak again. Not insane, I swear

I'll try and post more stuff here to show all of you people who ever see this, but if you want to see more stuff now then I put my deviantart on my profile. Might be easier to track my improvement on here than dA since I never need to go to the back of my gallery where all my <poor> old art is xD